Friday, August 31, 2007

Getting Ready for The China Trip 2007

It’s been another while since I posted something, but I was busy organising our trip around China. It’s all sorted out now, which is just as well as it starts tomorrow!!! Mind you, it looked like we were going to be on park benches in Chengdu until last night, but it’s OK, we have a hotel sorted out now.

I was at the Post Office a while ago to send a letter. The stamp was no problem – but the ‘par avion’ sticker was more of a challenge. I needed to glue it on. Fine, there were several pots of glue in the Post Office, all with small paint brushes to use. I got it stuck on, but I’d got myself into a bit of a guddle and my hands were all sticky. I’d come out without my bag, so I’d no wet wipes, and a tissue wasn’t working. I looked up, and in the corner of the Post Office, next to the door – there was a sink, with soap!! Fantastic, I can’t imagine that in Scotland. I was all cleaned up in a jiffy. I doubt I’m not the only person who has problems with the glue.

The Facilities in the Post Office

I was standing waiting on my train the other day, and decided to take a photo of the unofficial taxis waiting for people to come off the metro. The cars are QQ, a Chinese brand, and come only in bright colours. I also took a photo of the outdoors escalator. I can’t remember seeing open-air escalators anywhere else than China. I’m very glad of them, ‘cos it’s quite a climb up to the platform. Oh, they switch them off when it’s raining!

The Unofficial Taxis

I have now got a good system set up with the bloke I buy my DVDs from. I have to walk past him every day, as his spot is between the metro station and my flat. Most days we just exchange ‘ni hao’, but when he gets in new stock (once or twice a week), he shouts me over so I can go and see what he has! I’m sure he has a better idea of what’s in my DVD collection than I do! I think I must be a pretty good customer ‘cos earlier this week he waved me over to give me The Bourne Ultimatum, and wouldn’t take any money for it!!

The Outdoor Escalator

Hopefully at the end of next week I can post some photos of the first leg of The China Trip 2007 – from Lijiang down near the Laos/ Vietnam/ Burma borders, in the foothills of the Himalayas. It’s a World Heritage Site, so should be impressive. Watch this space.

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